What’s Next?

Dear friends of The Warung,

Since the beginning of the pandemic more than a year ago, it has affected us badly in terms of business and revenues. In fact, almost all businesses were affected, especially the f&b industry. Sales dropped drastically, operating hours were scaled down, and some decided to close down for good.

But we know and understand that we have to take some losses for the greater good. Adhering to the SOPs includes no dine-in or limitation of diners, extra steps for sanitization and hygiene, limiting operating hours according to the regulations. While making sure everyone is safe, on the business side, we know we have to reduce the damage that is caused by the pandemic. 

To understand the current situation, it will take some time for the market to heal before businesses will rise again. Thus, this has prompted us to put a long thought about the future of The Warung.

The options for The Warung that we have brainstormed are narrowed into two.

(1) Closing down

This is the easiest path of all. We put all our troubles away, close The Warung down, and each of the founders will focus on their own commitments.

(2) Strive on and be better together

Face the challenge, keep on striving, develop the business organization and community.


For now, we are not ready to give up, and we are definitely not going to slow down. In fact, we felt that it is a waste to give up as we have built what we have today and we can see the potential of The Warung in different aspects.

The Warung is also what we are proud of and it remains an entity that we want to grow together with.

Our plan comes down to two major parts of the society. One is to play our part in sustaining the community and the other is the business aspect of it.


We have always been operating The Warung with the community in mind, which we wanted to build a community within us, our customers and our surroundings as we understand that a business cannot survive without a community. 

With many different challenges that the community is enduring, be it unemployment, hunger, depression, poverty, struggling in life; The Warung has to play our part to build it back from the damages that has been done during the pandemic. Therefore our upcoming plans also include providing skills training, potential career development, environmental sustainability and creating good vibes among the community.


The Warung has the concept of collaborating with artisans, makers and local brands since the early stages of our startup. From the business aspect, it is not solely about profiting, but to assist other small businesses grow, through our retail division and events.

And of course during these times, we have reflected on ourselves and have taken this opportunity to keep researching and developing better menus, food, drinks, products and concepts to better serve you and the community.


Ideas will only remain ideas if they are not being executed. In order for us to execute our plan, we need to strive through this period, and we depend a lot on you to keep us going on. 

Throughout these tough times of more than a year, we would like to thank those who have supported us and bought from The Warung. It may be a cup of coffee or a set of waffles, but every little support has kept us going on.

In the meantime, we hope you will give us continuous support  and encouragement to us by ordering from The Warung.

Let us build back the community and the circle.