Xin Rou: On the Road to Pursuing Art

Have you registered to participate our first Weekend Workshop at The Warung?

Our first workshop will be having Xin Rou, a young and talented artist to share about pouring arts. Before that, we asked her some questions about her passion of creating arts.

A brief introduction of yourself.

Hello, I am Xin Rou, born and raised in Penang, but I’m currently working as a Sound Engineer in Petaling Jaya.

When did you start making beautiful artworks?

I’ve always liked doodling around on and off mainly just repetitive patterns, but I’ve started spending all of my free time writing, paintings, drawing and more doodling since about two years ago.

What’s your favourite artwork that you’ve created so far?
What is so fun about pouring art?

Pouring art is fun because the art that comes out during the process to the final outcome is ever changing. You don’t know what’s gonna be set until it’s completely dried. Also, its not just about you creating the art, it’s about the art creating itself too, and this is fascinating to me. Yes there’s simple instructions and formula to follow, but even if you use the same amount of paints and stuffs the pattern will never come out to be the same. I think that’s why it’s fun to me because it’s always a surprise to see how the art turns out itself.

Coffee or tea?

Teaaaaaaaaa! Jasmine green tea all day errrdayyyy!

Do you receive support from your friends and family in making arts? Do they give you suggestion or help you to pursue further in this field?

Yes, fortunately I’ve been really lucky to receive tremendous positive support from my friends and family in this journey of making art. They definitely helped a lot in encouraging me to explore more and giving me ideas on how to make a business out of this. I’m very grateful of their support for me to continue in pursuing arts.

About Xin Rou

Born and raised in Penang, Xin Rou has always been fascinated by the aesthetic of the world. Be it the art, designs, music or even technology, she believes that everything exist in the balance of science and arts.

One day by chance, Xin Rou stumbled across an acrylic pour painting and she was hooked ever since. She began to experiment in pouring and tried different techniques to create different patterns, and was constantly amazed by the outcomes. Through pouring, she learns more about the beauty of art and has been more inspired in life.

Xin Rou enjoys sharing her experiences and hope to encourage others to explore and have fun in doing art.