Jocelyn – What’s in your F-bag?

As the first store selling Freitag products in Penang, we are currently engaging with local F-ans community to share our collection and how we use our F-bags.  Therefore, we established a new series, named “What’s in your F-bag?”, that allows our F-ans to explore the ways to utilise Freitag products.  We begin with our co-founder of The Warung, Jocelyn. 
What model are you sharing with us?
When did you discover Freitag products?
During the recent trip to Singapore, like 3 months ago. 
How do you use your F-bag?
For casual outing and also to work.
Why do you like the Freitag products?
Durable and also water-resistant, so its quite suitable for me to work outdoor as well.
What model is in your wish list to get next?