About The Warung

Why the Warung?

The term warung, or waroeng (old spelling) simply denotes a wide category of small businesses, either a small shop or a small restaurant. Generally, it is known as a type of small neighbourhood convenience store and cafe in Indonesia and Malaysia. A warung is typically an essential part of the daily lives of the locals. Our idea is to re-create a modern day warung selling daily essential products while building a community among the retail and customers.

The Warung’s Concept

The merchandise that we curate for our store is based on awesome quality goods for simple, everyday living. The Warung offer an array of premium products, ranging from our own in-house label to a curated selection of multi-brand products. It also serves as a platform for artisans, makers and designers to market and promote their products. The Warung gives priority to thoughtful, ethical design by traditional makers and contemporary designers who uses sustainable practices. With the aim of supporting the local community with good product ideas, our objective is beyond selling products, but connecting a community that makes and appreciates good essential merchandise.
Visit us today: The Warung, 145, Victoria Street, 10300 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.