What is Pouring Art?

Have you heard about pouring art? In fact, this technique is not a new method to apply paint.

Also known as acrylic pour painting, it is incredibly fun and rewarding. If you expect it only requires pouring skill to achieve beautiful piece of art, then you will be surprised by the facts that, there are much more to learn, in order to get it right.

Before apply any paint, we need to learn and understand how to utilise the colour, medium, water, pouring technique, and more.

“You will never know the final outcome, until it is completely dry.”

The process of pouring art is full of surprises, and the outcome will even be more satisfying.

To learn more about pouring art techniques, register our weekend workshop now, which will be conducted by Xin Rou, on 23 September 2018, 1.30pm to 5.00pm, at The Warung.

The registration fee is RM190, inclusive of take-home canvas (1 large and 1 medium size), paint, medium and light refreshment.

No prior knowledge required, join us to explore the infinite possibilities of pouring art, see you there!

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